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The Renewal Center of the South is a not-for-profit corporation which created and now operates a permanent residential retreat center for Twelve Step spiritual renewal. In order to continue spiritual growth, times of intensified study, reflection,and sharing are sometimes needed.

I have attended RCS many times over the past year, and have found it to be a valuable tool for my recovery. It has afforded me the opportunity to discuss recovery issues with others in a relaxed and safe environment. Recently, while attending a retreat there, I found myself at total peace for the first time in my early recovery. The recreation, fellowship and relaxing environment made it possible for me to get to a place in my recovery I had been striving for but had been unable to attain. I highly recommend RCS to anyone who is struggling — or just wants to relax and enjoy a peaceful and enriching environment.



RCS operates a beautiful residential center in central North Carolina where members of 12 Step fellowships may come for times of sharing, learning, individual study, and recreation. Our 5,000 sq.ft. center is located on a wooded 82 acre riverfront campus north of Greensboro, NC.

We hope you will explore our site and Contact Us if you have questions.

  • June 8, 2016

The Center offers spiritual retreats focused on presentations and discussions on the Twelve Steps and related spiritual topics. Opportunities for confidential group and one-on-one sharing, and recreation are also provided.

In the first years of its operation the Renewal Center will be open on weekends (4:00 p.m. Friday to 4:00 Sunday) and some three-day weekends (4:00 p.m. Thursday to4:00 p.m. Sunday).

Retreat topics and themes include:

— Three to four hours of daily structured presentations and discussions on the 12 Steps and related spiritual topics.

— Communal meeting each morning for spiritual reading, comments, and meditation.

— Plenty of free time for recreation and trail walking.

— Time for individual study and/or writing (e.g. Fourth Step).

— Individual time with staff members.

— Opportunities for Fifth Steps.

— Use of audio and visual tapes, CD’s and an print library.

— Three meals served daily.



Although the retreats are focused on topics or themes, participants have ample opportunity to discuss their personal concerns and spiritual needs.

Topics or Themes covered in the focused weekends include:

— Powerlessness and Unmanageability

— Powerlessness / Acceptance

— Hope belief and Trust: The Spiritual Base

— Decision & Action

— Written and Oral Self-Analysis

— Willingness to be Changed

— Making Amends

— Continued Self-Evaluation

— Prayer and Meditation

— The Spiritual Awakening

— “Ego-Deflation at Depth AND Self-Esteem”

— Recovery from Shame and Guilt

— “An Attitude of Gratitude”

— The Serenity Prayer

— Psychological Journaling — an Experiential Approach

What Exactly is RCS?

RCS created and now operates a Retreat Center where members of any 12-Step Fellowship can come to spend a few days whenever they need to “retreat” from the ordinary routine of life and, in an atmosphere of Twelve-Step fellowship, apply themselves to the spiritual resources of the 12 Step way of life. Residents will choose how they want to spend their time, but staff members are present and available to help if requested. RCS will present an ongoing program of daily presentations and discussions on the Twelve-Steps and related spiritual topics which residents may attend if they choose to do so. Other opportunities for confidential group and one-on-one Sharing are also available. A library and other resources are for individual study are also be provided. RCS provides an ideal environment to do Fourth and Fifth Steps.

Why is the Renewal Center Important?

RCS provides a serene environment to help further the 12 Step way of life by offering a place of fellowship and “retreat” from the daily turmoil and routine of life. It is be a place to be free from normal responsibilities to concentrate—with the help of like-minded people—on the spiritual resources which guide and sustain in the daily challenge of life.

Does RCS Offer Treatment for Alcoholism or Any Other Kind of Addiction or Disorder?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. RCS does not offer any type of professional therapy for any type of addiction or other emotional, mental, or physical disorder.
RCS is dedicated to spiritual growth through the spiritual principles of the 12-Step program and through mutual help. It is assumed that residents at the Renewal Center will be fully capable of functioning in a self-directed, unsupervised environment. All residents who are members of a Twelve-Step Fellowship having an abstinence norm will be asked to affirm such abstinence.

Who Can Participate?

Residence at RCS is open to anyone who affirms that he or she is a member of a Twelve Step fellowship and is adhering to its abstinence norm.

Residency is not be limited to those who can pay the full standard fee. Partial financial assistance (scholarships) will be available to those who have a financial need. There is no racial, religious, ethnic, sex, or age discrimination in granting admission or financial assistance. Our goal is to make RCS available to all who need and want our program.

  • June 7, 2016